CATCH UP: Holiday

So I was thinking about how best post about my holiday and I decided that since I was uploading and tweeting everyday whilst I was away, I'm just going to post a few photos up here leave it at that! I just used Andrews phone most days so they're basically just holiday snaps with a couple outfit photos thrown in. 

For those of you who don't know, me, Andrew, my family and my mums friends family went on a two week cruise around Italy, Greece and Turkey. It was amazing, super hot and so nice to relax. Everyday we got off and explored a different city so we saw a lot of new places! And when we were back on the ship we spent most of our time eating! By the end of the cruise everyone was eating 6-7 courses for dinner and Andrew was having 3 mains hahah as well as that we obviously had breakfast and lunch as well as poolside pizza and ice cream, the occasional afternoon tea and 5am burgers to our room after a messy night out in Mykonos. 

Overall a very fun holiday! :)

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