EVENT: A Night At The Fair

You guys remember my friend Georgia? She came to a couple of blogger events with me a few months back which featured on my blog and we got absolutely wasted - cocktail class then into a launch party. Haha well it seems that she has become my blogger buddy for events, when's she's not travelling the world that is. She was back this week, just back from Thailand and off to Rotterdam on Monday. I had a little event so I thought why not bring her along. 

I met her at Mile End station along with some other bloggers and we made our way to Victoria park where they were holding a fun fair. It was quite surreal really, firstly it was very quite as it was a bit of a strange time, just before the evening rush I guess and secondly it was just any old fun fair, it was like a vintage one. We were each given a load of giant old penny things and played around in the arcade for a while. We had one of those creepy laughing clowns in a glass box thing and loads of fortune telling machines and slot machines. 

After a good while in there we ventured out past the carousels and down to the bumper cars. Being a good blogger, I thought I'll let Georgia drive and I'll take photos. Bad idea. She's a nut case haha and having Sherin there was not much help either! They spent 10 minutes driving at each other head on while I sat there screaming.  

Next up we had a go at the shooting games an then off to the pub! 

Thanks to BGO for hosting our super fun night!

I wore:
Skirt - Missguided
Top - New Look
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