HAUL: New Look

So you know that New Look voucher that I mentioned I spent earlier this week? My package arrived this morning! It's too dark to take any good photos so I'm going to show you what I got in wishlist form!

Firstly the boots, they're the Jeffery Campbell Coltrane dupes and I've been searching everywhere for them, it even got so bad that I considered buying the real ones which is crazy because I know I won't wear them evveerryyy day.. Just a lot of them haha so as soon as I saw them online I ran to the computer to order! They're heavy duty and sturdy but I can't say too much about them right now because they've literally just arrived! They have some annoying sticky stuff on one of the buckles but its coming off slowly. 

They cost £30 leaving me with £20 which I stretched to get myself another three items. 

Tartan is huge so I wanted to get myself some, I wanted trousers but didn't see any so I ended up with a midi which is pretty cute, I'm a bit weary of midi's as they make me feel really fat and self conscious when I get bloated (which is every time I eat, I have IBS) so it'll be OK for a morning shopping trip or something like that and hopefully my stomach will calm down soon.

Next I got what I thought was a crop top but the label says lingerie. I'm still going to wear it as a crop top as I'm loving cami's at the moment and it has a super pretty pixel rose print on it!

That left me with a grand total of £3, just enough to get some cute patterned socks to wear with my new cut out boots.

Have you got your eye on anything from New Look?

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  1. New look have some lovely tartan clothes in at the minute! I have my eye on a mini skater style tartan skirt from there! Good choices! x

  2. Those boots are perfection! Love the skirt too xo


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