LIFE: Quick Catch Up

Hi guys

Its just a quick post today as Andrew is being lazy so I havent got any outfit photos. Im not going to have time to take any until tuesday now as im super busy and to be fair im actually going to be too busy to post them anyway so thats fine! Tomorrow ive got work so we were going spend saturday taking photos but then I was given a pair of tickets for london fashion weekend. Duh that comes first. Then on sunday and monday I am going to be working at Professional Beauty at Olympia and I definitley dont have time then so tuesday it is! 

Is anyone going to the beauty show? Make sure you come say hi if your going to be there. Ill be working at Nazila Love Glamour :) 

speaking of which have a look at the nails they did for me this week. I love them. My lovely friend Melissa who works with me is a great nail tech and she did these for me in the nazila love glamour gel colours. Ive already had it on since monday and its chip free, hopefully itll last another week or so! 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anyone else going to london fashion weekend?

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  1. Gorgeous nails! Love the colours. Cannot wait to see the results of the LFW giveaway :)


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