Where To Eat In Madrid: Breakfast & Dinner at Ana La Santa

We was only in Madrid for two and a half days, and whilst we ate in lots of cute little cafes and restaurants out on the street (as well as one cheeky McDonalds) there was only one specific place that I would recommend. Its Called Ana La Santa and its the restaurant at the ME hotel in Madrid. We spend quite a lot of our trip at the hotel visiting for breakfast, dinner and the bar there too but I have a separate post altogether for drinks so I just want to cover the food here.
We arrived at The Santa Ana Terrace in the early evening and it was the perfect place to sit and watch the world - I love people watching. It was calm, comfortable, there was good wifi and the food was delicious. The room we ate in was filled with pretty green plants and the big windows at the front which opens up to look out over the busy square outside. It was so full of life and had a lovely atmosphere with people eating in the street and a man playing an accordion.

We started with cocktails of course; I went for a virgin frozen strawberry daiquiri (I was very pleased when they arrived just as I remember from ME Mallorca) and Andrew had an Aperol spritz which cost a grand total of €14. No bad when we are used to paying more than that for just one.
For dinner, we shared a chicken wings to start and then an incredible paella. It was a little different to the usual bright orange touristy dish with clams and tiny octopuses' and a thin layer of brown rice which had a more baked feel to it. All the sticky bits had settled on the bottom of the pan and it was seriously packed full of sticky, intense flavour. 
We loved it there so much that we went back to the hotel on our last morning in Madrid. Andrew remembered how much he enjoyed breakfast when we stayed at ME Mallorca, so when we arrived at 11.59 and were given the option of breakfast (assuming that we could decide what within the minute) or lunch we picked breakfast there and then.

They had a whole selection of breakfast combos which each had loads of components. They all cost between  €10 - €13 which we thought was amazing value for money. Between us we had two glasses of orange juice, a peppermint tea, a cup of coffee, two rounds of toast, a fruit salad, scrambled eggs and bacon and a portion of eggs royal; and as expected, it all tasted great too! My eggs weren't exactly poached (they look fried to me) but the yolks were still runny and it was drowning in hollandaise which is just how I like them!
So if you are planning a trip to Madrid, I would definitely recommend this place for a sophisticated and tasty meal.

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  1. looks delicious! enjoy in madrid!
    x, Ivana


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