How To Survive An Early Morning Airport Trip

I was really starting to get depressed about not having any holidays booked up for this year so in the past month, Andrew and I booked up three - and to be honest, I am still hoping to fit some more trips in through the year. We've just gotten back from our first which was a mini break to Madrid and a really lovely break in 27° heat. Keep an eye out for my Madrid Diary which I am working on at the moment.

While I was sat in the car at 4.30am on the way to Gatwick I started remembering all the things I love about going to an airport, guilt free 5am breakfast, duty free spending and real life sob story mags among other things. I do love traveling but no one likes being sat in front of three young children who have been left to entertain themselves so I decided to put this post together whilst I was on the plane to distract myself from the constant chair kicking and arguing that was going on behind me.

What to wear for a flight

Long or short haul, it's all about comfort for me, I always get changed when I arrive at my hotel so I'm not too bothered about looking good although it is nice if I can manage it while still getting maximum comfort in my outfit. This time we were going away with Andrews family so I needed a more conservative flight outfit which translated to tracksuit bottoms, a little vest top and a hoodie because I couldn't think of anything worse that being restricted by jeans on a flight. On top of that I wore a bomber jacket so I could layer up and down as the temperature changes from London to whatever heat we arrive to.

If I was going with friends, or just Andrew though, I love a boxy crop top on a flight, I think I like the ventilation aspect of them with either a stretchy skirt or (not denim) shorts. Other than that, my most usual flight outfit is a light, floaty dress, almost as if I'm already walking along the beach! 

As for shoes it's usually converse or trainers because as I'm sure you know, there's alot of lugging cases around at airports. 
Coming home is usually a whole other story. Most of the time I refused to a knowledge that I am going back to London and it's probably raining so I'll just put on another holiday outfit. Then, when I am greeted by a usual London downpour, I pull whatever I can get my hands, on out of my case and put that one. This time, I started in a pink dress and finished with a pair of tracksuit bottoms on underneath which I wore the whole way home. Airport fashion at its finest! No shame.

The Best Hand Luggage

I already introduced you my red Antler case a few months ago but this was the first time it's come to an airport with me and I cannot tell you how much it improved my whole travel experience. It glided along without any force and meant I was able to rummage around in my handbag and still be able to control my case without paying too much attention to it. It moved exactly where I wanted it to and it done it with complete ease. I love it's bright colour and would love to get a bigger one in blue or green for longer trips in the future. 
My handbag, as it always is for flights, was my classic Longchamp bag. I didn't realise how tatty and old it's started to look but its such a great bag that I will definitely go out and buy the same again for my next trip. There are alot of things that I love about this bag, its simplicity and its weightlessness are the main two things though. I love that its just a big empty space to put things in, no little compartments or pockets mean I can get my camera in its camera bag in it along with everything else that I need. Its one simple zip means that as well as being very safe, I can get things in and out of it, with one hand, in a couple of seconds.

Along with my camera, the things I like to keep on my when I travel are my phone, passport (obvs) and travel insurance which I keep together in an envelope, a small purse with sections for £ and , my Raybans for when I arrive and this time, I had a Bens cookie in there too.

Airport Purchases

I like to take out £20 before I get to the airport so I can stock up on all those things that I mentioned at the beginning. We spend our money on Pret and WH Smiths so obviously, that means the majority of it goes on food. I dont make a habit of buying huge bars of chocolate and crisps to eat in one sitting but it's totally guilt free before a flight for some reason. 

I am always tempted by a 5am chicken and avocado sandwich because the one from Pret is the best thing ever but bread makes me feel so ill that I try really hard to avoid it, especially before a holiday as it makes me really bloated as well. This time it was easy as I was in the mood for something warm and managed to grab one of the last two porridge's, with two pots of honey.  
After breakfast, I picked up two giant Toblerones for my parents and it was buy three for £10 so I got myself a big bag of 16 Twix as well to keep me going over the weekend. I always get worried that I won't find any English chocolate abroad. We also got a big bottle of water and my guilty pleasure, a couple of real life magazines! I never have time to read mags during my day to day but my first choice is always real life.
 And there we have it! What are your flying essentials for early morning flights?

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