L'Etoile, Charlotte Street

I'll be honest, I didn't want to write this review because I didn't really enjoy the meal and you know I never like to post a bad review but the restaurant preferred I wrote a bad post than not write one at all so here it is.
The place is called L'Etoile and it's on Charlotte Street. I walk past it every day at work and from the outside, it looked like a cute little french restaurant so I was very excited to be invited for dinner a few weeks ago. We arrived at around 6 on Friday night and the lovely staff greeted us with a glass of fizz! To be fair, the staff were really lovely, happy and attentive throughout the evening and the food wasn't bad as such, there was nothing wrong with it, I just didn't enjoy it or being there at all and left feeling as though I'd wasted a Friday night. To be honest, I was happy to leave and do something a bit more exciting by the end of it.
Andrew started with muscles and I had crab mac n cheese which admittedly was the best part of the meal although it was far too creamy so I only ate half of it. It came out in a cute little pot with a lid which looked great and left me pretty excited for the rest of the meal, which sadly didn't live up to my expectations.
The main I found, along with the clientele and the setting, very traditional and old fashion and that is just not my style when its comes to food. I love trying exciting, quirky food with new and interesting twists and that is not how you would describe my lamb or Andrews beef for that matter. 
 I was pretty also unimpressed with desserts. Andrew ordered "black forest chocolate decadence" which turned out to be a brownie with some fruit in a sauce on top. I went for a lemon posset, the dessert itself was nothing to write home about and I was not really not a fan of the presentation of mine, the little serviette underneath just makes it feel so cheap in my opinion.

30 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NG


  1. MMM this looks divine!

    Sophie x

  2. Love the way your blog is moving these days, I only seem to find eatery reviews pop up on my feed, who knew you'd end up as a restaurant critic. Sorry you didn't enjoy the dinner but frim seeing the pictures it looks like it's average clientele age would be similar to that found on a cruise ship :)
    Vicky xx


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