Parasite Party with MERIAL

MERIAL got in touch with me recently to see if I'd heard about their new ‘Parasite Party’ campaign. As a dog owner, obviously I was very interested to hear what they had to say and I've decided to post what I've seen for all you other dog owners! Firstly, this little video they sent me to raise the awareness of the risks parasites pose to pets:
And it certainly did its job - I knew dogs could get ticks and fleas but seriously, seeing all the different internal worms that can harm dogs really scared me. I didn't know things like that happened.

They also sent me a one minute checklist (link) to see what kind of risk Molly might be exposed to and what should I know about it. For example, It pointed out that, since we live in the forest and take her out there every day, she could be prone to ticks as they live in vegetation and attach to dogs on their walks.

My dad deals with all of this stuff for Molly but I do know he takes her to get wormed regularly which is really important for her and for us too - some worms can affect people if they get into our bodies which is not ideal!

 Molly is the center of our family and I'm sure a lot of other dogs are to theirs so be sure to help keep your pet healthy with visits to the vets who can help you out with expert advice if you're ever worried!

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