KOJOWAN, Edgeware Road Review

I love unique eating experiences and fun restaurants so I was super excited to be invited along for dinner and drinks on the 23rd floor of the Hilton in Edgeware Road. It was a super warm evening so I decided to walk there from work which took just under an hour. I've not been to that part of London before and I'll be honest, I'm not in a rush to go back, it's not the nicest of places although it was absolutely fine once I was in the hotel. The staff from the beginning were lovely and soon I was in a lift flying up to the top of the building.
From the invite, I assumed KOJOWAN was Japanese but there was something different about it. The place was very space age and futuristic, all silver and mirrored, it was like a Japanese Star Trek, it was very odd. I was told they like to refer to it as typically unauthentic which I absolutely loved.
We started at the bar where we ordered most of the drinks on the silver, manga illustrated menu. We soon discovered the most popular cocktail of the evening, which is called Astro Pussy. Apart from the coolest custom cup, it was a delicious concoction of  Bacardi Ocho rum, rice milk, peanut butter and cinnamon. Isn't this the cutest cocktail you have ever seen!
After our fill of Astro Pussy, we relocated over to the restaurant to eat. We all sat together around a big square table and the food soon started to arrive! There was so much - it got to the point that we were on our third set of main courses and I had to leave. I missed out on dessert which I am never happy about but I wasn't too keen on going back out to the station when it was dark.
So let me tell you about my favourite dishes of the night. Firstly the rich pork mince dip which came with sesame creckers. It was super tasty and a great one to share!

 I also really enjoyed the delicious charcoal octopus. I've had calimari before but I've never jut ordered octopus. I like to imagine in that setting that it was some kind of alien dish but nonetheless, it had great flavour and great texture.
The lobster and cheese dumplings were one of the last dishes that I tried and I loved how these ones looked. It had a ying yang vibe to it with the black of the bun and the white of the lobster and cheese. The bun was super soft and of course I enjoyed the big chunk of lobster too!

But my favourite dish of the night was the waygu tartar. I've become a bit waygu crazy lately and if you've tried it you'll know why. It is just the most delicious meat you will ever have and having it in tartar form delicious.

Will You Visit?

*Our food was complimentary. All opinions at my own.
** The good images are not mine, theyre Kojowans.

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