Pizza Express Spring 16 Menu

It's a well known fact that nowadays, I love Pizza Express - and I got particularly excited when I saw what they had in store for Spring 2016 - some of my all time favorites! So I booked up a table and as with most of my Pizza Express reviews, I brought Georgia along to try the new menu with me! I know she likes it there and they are really good with keeping their food gluten free so its perfect for us!

First things first - drinks! I really enjoy drinking prosecco at Pizza Express, it tastes good and its a really great price, I think its something like £26 for a bottle which isnt bad at all! Georgia's turned into a cliche Londoner and ordered a G&T.
OK, First course. Did you know that they finally have gluten free doughballs? Georgia didn't and she got so excited when I asked her if she was going to order them this time! I always go for doughballs and although I don't have what you would call a full blown gluten intolerance, it definitely doesn't agree with me. I love trying new things so of course we both ordered them. I was super interested to see if they would be as good and in all honesty, they weren't as good as normal doughballs but they weren't bad at all. They arrived bigger than the normal ones and were much more fluffy inside whereas the usual ones are quite dense. Georgia told me how she didn't feel like she was missing out anymore so that was lovely!
I had been thinking about the Hawaiian pizza all week as it's my number one favourite topping but when I actually looked at it on the menu, I realised that it was just a pineapple chutney, not chunks like my old favourite. I was soon distracted by the new risotto on the menu and ordered that instead!

I dont think I really realised what Risotto was until last year but I love rice so I never looked back after accidentally buying one in Pret once. So yes, Risotto is still super new for me, and I was curious to try a new flavour, this one was fish based - white wine, salmon and garlic! The rice was thick and creamy and very cheesey but what I liked best about this dish was that the salmon was crumbled and mixed into the rice. Topped with fresh tomato and paisley, it is now one of my favourite dishes!
Georgia went for the Leggera Superfood Salad with extra salmon which is a brand new salads under 500 calories. The plate was huge when it arrived but she said it was a little heavy on the leaves and a little short on the superfood which is a shame although with the extra salmon, it was more than filling!
Now for dessert! Passion fruit has become one of my absolute favorite flavours over the past year - I love its bright colour, crunchy seeds and tartness so to spot another of my favourite on the menu was pretty excited! The dessert was called Passionate Mess so we assumed it would be some kind of Eton Mess style but when it arrived, it actually looked like a slice of lemon meringue pie with soft chewy meringue on top and a biscuit base underneath. As expected, I loved the passionfruit flavour but I think there was just a bit too much of it which I was shocked about! I still finished it off though so it wasnt that bad haha

Have You Tried Pizza Express' Spring Menu?

*Our food was complimentary in return for this review. All opinions at my own. 


  1. MM i love the seasonal Pizza Express menus!

    Sophie x

  2. This has made me super hungry! I normally try to steer away from chains but I do like Pizza Express!

    Milly | Mini Adventures


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