Colour Me Launch & Giveaway

I was recently introduced to a product that might not ordinarily been something that I was interested in but as of late it's something I have been thinking more and more about. Wearing make up. I know to most of you this sounds really strange but I dont wear make up and even if I wanted to, I have absolutely no idea how to apply it.

So I was very interested when I heard about a brand called Colour Me. I was lucky enough to be one of 4 or 5 bloggers invited to dinner at Zuma to hear all about the new product. The founder, Eric spent the evening with us retelling amazing tales of his past and how he came up with the product! Everyone loves The Naked Palettes right? All his idea. And of course so is the colour me tool. While he was working with Benefit & Urban Decay in the past, he found that all of his clients were asking him for that airbrushed look. He achieved this manually by patting on the make up and in the end he came up with the colour me. It taps your make up on to your face with tiny vibrations - 250 times a second!
Dinner by the way, was absolutely amazing. Just opposite Harrods, we ate incredible quality food and drank (lots of champagne, naturally) in a private room and it was the best sushi I have ever eaten. Plus I now have a new found love for wagyu beef - I'm never eating normal steak again. 
As the only one without any make up on that evening, I was nominated for the demo. This was actually a good thing because it meant I got to see and feel how it was applied by an expert. The result? A Smooth seamless finish which I was pretty pleased with! My face felt great afterwards as well, I feel like the vibrations got the blood pumping a little bit, I was all tingly afterwards. Shame I was only going straight afterwards but nonetheless, check out my slightly drunken midnight selfie before I took it off.
 I have been lucky enough to get a colour me to giveaway here on my blog so if you want a piece of this action, enter below as usual!


  1. Entered! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Your makeup looks so natural! x

  3. I have entered, fingers crossed thank you.

  4. I have entered this looks great.

  5. I have entered this competition- it sounds like a really great product and I would love to win (Kim Styles)

  6. I have entered this competition- it sounds like a really great product and I would love to win (Kim Styles)


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