Five Things To Do On a weekend In Hamburg

I’m on a mission to make my way around Europe this year and with a full time job, that means making the most of my weekends and my great location here in London. Gdasnk was my first trip of the year which I did in 36 hours and Hamburg, a couple of weeks later was my second. This one was for Andrews’s birthday so I was happy to take the Friday off although if you got up at a reasonable hour, rather than midday like him and the boys, then these five things could easily be done in less time, getting you back home ready for work on Monday morning.

Visit Speicherstadt
Speicherstadt in Hamburg is the largest warehouse district in the world and we actually kind of did this one by accident. We walked past it on our way to Minature Wunderland and it looked so pretty that we stopped off and took a photo, little did we know that it was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anyway, definitely worth stopping by for a look - the tall red brick buildings make for a great Instagram photo and apparently, that’s all that matters to us millennials! (Schofields commissioned this research and they've got a point)
Eat at the Groeniger Restaurant
It's a traditional German beer house and the most German thing we did all weekend. Hop on the U1 train and get off at Meßberg station, then it’s just across the road. Inside, we ordered a 10 litre barrel of their home brewed beer (€79) which sat on a stool at the end of our table; that kept the boys going for a few hours!

The menu was small and very meaty but there was only one dish that anyone wanted: the Gröninger Brauerschmaus (Brewers Feast.) It’s a sharing board filled with a selection of sausages, meatloaf, pork belly and Kasseler as well as speckkartoffelsalat (potato salad), coleslaw and radishes (which of course no one touched!) We ordered for eight and it was over a meter long when it arrived. You need at least four in the group to order and it costs €17 per person.
Climb St Michaels Church
Or in our case, get the lift to the top. St Michael Church is probably the most famous church in Hamburg and from the top (106 meters up), you have the most incredible view over the whole of the city. Again, we hopped on the train and stopped off a couple of minutes’ walk away. We actually did this on our way back to the airport; seeing the view from the top didn’t take us long although there was a lot more of the church and the crypt below to explore if you wanted to. It costs around €4 to go up to the top and €6 to see the crypt below.
Party at the Reeperbahn
We went on a bar crawl with our hostel and I would totally recommend it. Even though there were already eight of us, it was great to meet some other people and of course to see where was good from a local’s perspective. We made friends and met up again the next evening.

The nightlife itself was great, the music was a good mix of current chart music and 90’s stuff, the drinks were cheap and the clubs were still going strong when we left at 5am with a slice of pizza.
Visit Miniatur Wunderland
This place is one of Hamburg’s biggest attractions so we thought we’d better visit. It cost us €13 each to buy tickets there, for entry into the exhibition. It’s a model world complete with tiny people, working trains (the largest model railway in the world don’t you know) and even its own lake. A few of us whizzed around and saw it all in an hour while the rest of the boys spent much longer having a proper look at each country. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was very crowded.

Minature Wunderland is in a great location near the docks with the Hamburg Dungeons next door – they do English tours at 10am if you fancied that as well. Take the U3 train to Baumwall.
*Information provided from a press release by Schofields
Have you ever been to Hamburg?


  1. The recently opened Elbphilharmonie is also worth popping into and offers fine views over the city and its harbour.

    1. Yes! I had heard alot about it - would loved to have had time!

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