Premium Room at YOTEL Gatwick

I often find myself in a bit of a situation when I travel, especially when it's an early or a late flight. From Stanstead, it's literally 15 minutes in the car but any other airport in London is a bit harder. The trains don’t run that early so trains aren't an option, I have toyed with the idea of getting a cab but that also means getting up at a ridiculous hour so I've resided that staying nearby in a hotel is usually the best bet. When I started searching, I assumed that I’d still have to get to the airport from the hotel but it’d be five minutes rather than 90; that wasn’t the case when I stayed at YOTEL last year because it was actually inside the airport! If that’s not convenience for you, then I don’t know what is!
I came across YOTEL by chance and I’ll be honest, I only clicked on it because I thought it was some kind of sushi emporium but apparently not. They have the same founder but there was no sushi here, instead I found a hotel made up of sleeping pod style rooms underneath the Gatwick South terminal.  It's a pay by hour system with a minimum stay of 4 hours at £34, making it perfect for me to book in from 7pm to leave 3am. Alot of people also use it to have somewhere to rest between connecting flights.
After a full day at work and battling through Victoria station at 6pm with a suitcase, I was relieved to arrive at the airport and be sat on the bed in my room within ten minutes of getting off of the Gatwick Express! Check-in at reception or “Mission Control” as they called it was very speedy and the guys was friendly and thorough about how it all works. He explained how to use the lights and the bed and sent me off down the corridor to my room with an alarm clock and another bottle of water in tow.
I stayed in a premium room and I was surprised by just how well these little pods are looked after; crisp white sheets, toilet paper was folded and the rest of the bathroom was one of the most sparkling spotless I have ever seen. The room is 110 sqft but somehow manages to fit in everything you need. The bathroom was actually the perfect size and the rest of the room was absolutely perfect once you got used to it. Everything was in its place, the bed electronically folds up and down so when you are not sleeping, it doubles as a comfy sofa to watch TV on. There is also a fold up desk and chair in case you want to get some work done with the free Wi-Fi! Along with complementary tea, coffee and bottles of water from reception, a full length mirror with a couple of hangers, it had everything I needed.
I settled down for the evening on the fluffy bed with my M&S salad, a tube of pringles and the GBBO Final! Not a bad way to spend an evening pre-flight!
*Thank you to YOTEL for hosting me. My review is 100% my honest opinion


  1. Ummmmmm so this is incredible!!! I'm totally with you on the airport situ love, unless I drive the trains just don't run early enough but I don't ever want to fork out loads of money on hotels before a holiday! Definitely going to check this out :)

    Hayley xo

    1. You going to love it! Saves on so much stress x

  2. Oh wow I love this!!! I knew this concept existed in Asia but I didn't know it had found its way to London too and £34 is such a bargain!!! It looks super clean and very cosy - I'm definitely going to book myself into one of these next time I have an early flight out of Gatwick! xx


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