Crust Bros at Sambrooks Brewery, Wandsworth

Known for their signature leopard-spotted crusts and incredible bottomless pizza deals, Crust bro's are now, no longer a one store entity.

Having hit it big time with their Waterloo location, they've recently taken over the kitchen at Sambrook's Brewery and added Wandsworth's Ram Quarter to their repertoire. Excellent, a 4 minute walk from my front door.

Cleary, it is a great location for me but not just because it's so close. The outdoor space is an awesome place to spend a warm summers evening because it's set still within the walls of The Ram Quarter. That means no disturbance from the outside world (namely the road traffic and people milling about aimlessly) which makes a huge difference to the vibe. It has a very relaxed and friendly feel which, of course is lovely.

We ended up wandering past on opening night a few weeks back and it has been busy every time I've walked past since; our Friday night visit was no different. We grabbed one end of a bench - I sat on the left so I could look at the dog on the next table - and ordered via the app. 

They have the option for fully customisable pizzas but actually, the selection on the menu was far too tempting to bypass. David went for the 'straight outta hell' pizza which provided a kick of heat in the form of spicy njuda. A high rating from someone who eats more pizza than anyone else I know.

I had the 'Nonnas Yard' which turned out to be the pizza I didn't know I needed. It was covered in all of my favourite things so it's safe to say I enjoyed it. Mushrooms, caramelised onions and goats cheese with a generous pesto swirl - such a unique pizza topping but flavours that just inherently work well together. The distinctive, herby pesto cut through the sweet onions and creamy cheese and brought it all together perfectly. Paired with a glass of prosecco and I was a happy bunny. 

Everything came out at the same time so whilst we were working through those, we also had a burrata and bruschetta to attend to.

I order burrata at every given opportunity and the Crust Bros one always stands out. This is the third one I've had here and they are just so consistently good. Sat on a pile of seasoned tomatoes which were a well-received accompaniment - and also the topping for the bruschetta we ordered.  

We didn't really need dessert but declining a Nutella pizza was a hard no so we had to make room. Luckily, it wasn't a full-sized pizza so eating it wasn't too much trouble. Very indulgent but it was Friday night after all so why not?


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  1. The nutella pizza really looks delicious. Will gonna try it out someday.
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