Honest Burgers Limited edition Special: The BUFFALO BLUE burger

I try to keep my Mondays quiet but with only a few days left to try Honest burger's limited-edition BUFFALO BLUE burger, I made an exception.

The Buffalo Blue is their 2nd second collaboration with Wingmans after the Thai fried chicken one went down so well.

Served in a shiny bun, a classic Honest beef patty (cooked perfectly pink) and smoked bacon build the foundations - nothing too extravagant about that, although it was delicious.

The main event however, is very exciting.

Blacksticks Blue cheese, which comes from a family-run farmhouse and a generous helping of Wingman's award-winning buffalo sauce smothered on top elevate the flavour of this burger to something completely new.

I understand I may be a little late on this discovery, but adding blue cheese to a burger is genius. 

It takes the taste to a whole other level. 

Plus, it was oozing out in every direction which is only ever a good thing.

As for the buffalo sauce, all I'm saying is I can see why it's won awards. It was very flavourful and pulled it all together. It tasted great, not only in the burger but also all over the rosemary chips it had dripped on.

Get down to your local Honest Burger before October 4th to try it for yourself!



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