FASHION: Saving Money

I dont make a habit of buying anything full priced. Most of the time, I'm pretty sure that if you spend enough time looking, there is always a way to get a bit of money off and having to pay fully for anything makes me sad. That goes for everything, not just clothes.

Voucher sites are great for free delivery and 10% off here and there, as is my brothers Unidays account which has been a huge help since he started uni in September. When it comes to food and going out for dinner, I love real life paper vouchers and drinks? Happy hour is my favourite thing. 

 If I want clothes, then it's either a matter of finding a sample sale for whichever brand I am looking for, otherwise I usually wait for sales (unless its something that is very unlikely to go down and that I am desperate to have - like my Michael Kors bag)

Do I sound a bit stingy? My mum thinks I am which I really don't like but seriously, why pay more than you need to? If I ever go out with her, she encourages me to buy things like crazy but I get no joy out of paying full price for something before I've done a little bit of research.

I recently came across Love The Sales online and I can already tell its going to be a great addition to my tactics. Love The Sales is a site that collates all the different sales on all over the internet together in one place. I also love that it shows you how much money off they are currently up for. You then click on he product and it take you straight through to whichever site is it on so you can go ahead and buy it!

Here are my top picks:


  1. Totally agree - there's no pointpay more than you need to!! I love a good bargain so need to get onto this site!

    Sarah xxx

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