Things | Feb 26th

So my monthly things seemed like too much time from one to the next so I have changed it to Things. That way I can post when I have a few thing rather than waiting until the end of each month!

Pancake day

So we originally planned to have pancakes for dinner but Juanita decided she wanted some for lunch too so we popped off to Snowflake Gelato in Soho. They were doing pancakes just for the day and we just so happened to arrive just as they were practicing their first lot which mean we got the first batch on the house as official testers. They were pretty good for the first attempt of the day, I wish I could say the same for my own attempts. I had lunch with me so (as well as the free pancakes) I just had some gelato on the way back to work but Juanita ordered these incredible looking waffles complete with strawberries and milk chocolate gelato. *Drools*

My Hotel Chocolat Valentine

Its cute when brand get in touch and ask you to send a little treat to a blogger friend isnt it? Hotel Chocolat asked me to send a secret Valentine’s gift to another blogger and of course I picked Juanita. After spending most days with her for the past 6 months, I have come to learn that she is literally obsessed with Hotel Chocolat, we often spend a lunch hour in there where she ends up spending more than most on chocolate, so I knew she was going to love the surprise. 

Juanita picked The Valentines Sleekster and they also kindly send me The Hearts & Truffles Box
 which kept my company on Valentines day since I wasn't able to spend the day itself with Andrew.

I didn't realise when I started working here but apparently, brand and publications love to shower us SEO types with treats and it kinda makes arriving at the office each day a little bit exciting. For Valentines day, last week we had Metro pop by for the morning to hand out heart shaped chocolates before lunch and in the afternoon. Instagram arrived with an instaprinter and a huge pic'n'mix table.

Doing Something Crazy
OK so it's not crazy for everyone but I am super proud of myself for doing it. I went to a super event with Murine last week (more to come on that) but basically we started at a Superdrug in Marble Arch and finished at The Sky Garden. And how did we get from the first place to the second at 6pm on a Thursday evening? Motorbike. Obvs. I was totally freaking out from the moment I found out until I got on the bike but I am so glad I did it. It was an amazing experience and one I am glad I can say I have. Being able to see London from that perspective, with the wind blowing in your face was amazing! We weaved in and out of cars and up and down little side streets that I didnt know existed.

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