FASHION: LFW Style With Boohoo

It's that time once again - Fashion week has been here for the past few days and everything is a little crazy around here. Working on Tottenham Court Road means that going out for lunch this past week has been a bit more exciting than usual to say the least. People are giving out all sorts of cool stuff of the streets and Juanita and I even got interviewed by BBC3 on Friday. Sadly, we didn't have time for any shows this year, but my actual favourite part of fashion week is seeing what everyone wears anyway and I have twitter, instagram and snpachat for that! I have actually loved watching everyones snaps this year, I dont think snapchat was as big last season. 

So what I'm not going to any shows? Boohoo challenged me to put together a would-be outfit for fashion week and heres what I came up with. I have loved the look of this dress since it went online but was really stuck between black and white. Black would have been easier but the white just stood out abit more for me. Once I decided to go with it, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it, I had the whole image in my head! Only problem was, I've never ever worn a hat before and had no idea if I would be able to pull it off.

I was toying with the idea for a couple of days but after this weeks Take Me Out (not that I am looking for a new boyfriend) and so many of the girls looking so good in a black hat, I was inspired to try it out and I think I'm pretty pleased with the final look.


  1. You look fantastic- you should wear hats more often

  2. such a lovely dress, I would love it in black. It is also a great dress to dress up or down!

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