FASHION: Jeans From GAP, Romford

I have never had a pair of  jeans from a proper jean shop before, I always bought mine in Primark and changed them every 6 months when they start to fall apart so when GAP at The Brewery, Romford invited me along to pick myself out a pair, I definitely wasn't expecting it to be such a big job! It took a long time, although finding the perfect pair was pretty rewarding in the end plus there was 20% in store that day which was pretty helpful..

Andrew and I went down to Romford a couple of weeks ago and spent a good hour picking out the perfect pair. I actually didn't realise GAP specialised in jeans (am I stupid?) but I was a little overwhelmed by the choice as soon as we walked in - there were so many different styles and different colours, different shapes and different sizes.

We decided that a good place to start was to work out what size I was, apparently I'm at 26 whatever that means but they seemed to fit best. I did pick up a pretty pair of black ripped girlfriend jeans but I'm a skinny jeans girl at heart so I grabbed a pair in every colour. Black jeans are me all over but Andrew convinced me to try something a bit different so it came down to two pairs - blue or khaki. After trying them on three times and walking around the shop in my socks for ten minutes I found my pair in these light blue ones - they won me over with their perfect fit and pretty shade of blue.

They got their first wear this weekend - we popped to Westfield for change a Victorias Secret bra that I somehow managed to pick up in the wrong size and a cheeky Nandos! I am all about the basics at the moment so I just stuck on a grey tee and my fresh new grey Nike Roshe Runs from Foot Locker. I am a major fan of the Roshes, I love the design plus they are totally lightweight and very comfortable - so pretty practical for trying to navigate Westfield on a Saturday afternoon! 


  1. This is exactly the kind of outfit I'd go for on a Saturday, I love the grey Roshes! Those jeans really suit you too x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Your hair has got sooo long I love it! xx

  3. This is my kind of outfit. I love the jeans a lot, they go really well with those trainers, hehe. xx


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