Rose Gold Travel Tech From Primark

The more I travel, the more I notice myself wishing I had certain things with me; many a night abroad have I spend stressing about whether to charge my phone or my camera because I'd only brought one adapter with me. Things like this kept happening so I made a list of all the techy things I needed to get for future trips and went on the hunt for them. What I didn't expect was that I would be able to find everything I needed in Primark or, that I'd be able to pick them all up for just over £50.
Portable Chargers £6 / £8
These days, I don't even go to work, let alone travel to another country without at least one of these with me. I got back from Portugal late last night and today is the first time I've ever forgotten to bring my wire with me; que mini breakdown when I got to work. I bought my first one in Primark years ago and still use it today although they've upgraded the ones in store a little bit now. With a new sleeker design, and a range of colours to choose from (all of these things come in rose gold uh-mazing!) there is also a choice of power; you can now get a 200mAh which is enough for one charge or a 400mAh which is enough for two!
Rose Gold Headphones £10
 I've never had a pair of big headphones but after 20 hours on a plane home from Bali via Hong Kong last year, I promised myself I'd get some for any more long haul flights. As I'm sure you are aware, the headphones that they airlines give you are absolutely terrible and my normal headphones are just little ear buds which aren't so comfortable after a few hours. Also they fell out every time I moved which is pretty annoying when it took 10 minutes just to get comfortable in the first place.
Action Camera £28
I think the next product was the one I was most surprised to see in store; the action camera. I love my GoPro but it's an expensive purchase (plus my one doesn't have a screen which is really annoying). Primark's action camera is the same size, it comes in a waterproof case and it has a screen! Whilst the photos and videos are not as good quality, they were actually better than I was expecting (see here) and would be fine for sharing on Facebook. The camera is super easy to use and comes with 6 different fittings, as well as a 8mb memory card so you dont have to buy one! 
Worldwide adapter £10
Again, for that trip, we did all the research, we spent £15 on plug adapters before we left and it turns out they use the same plugs in Hong Kong and Bali as they do in Europe so that was a big waste of money. Anyone else find it impossible to get a proper idea of what plugs sockets look like around the world? Anyway, Primark are selling a changeable USB adapter which solves this problem so we'll never have to buy an adapter again. Rather than a mains to mains socket, this one is mains to USB with two ports meaning I can change my phone and my GoPro at once. If only I had one of these for past press trips.
Jeans & Jacket - Primark | Jumper - Matalan | Vans - Foot Locker*

What are your tech travel essentials?

*The electronics were gifted to me by Primark but my review is 100% honest


  1. What a fab selection Primark have! I'm most drawn in by the Action Camera, such a great price and like you say, great for some Facebook-worthy snaps! I'm definitely going to see if I can find it in my local store!


    1. They had them in tottenham court road last time I looked :)

  2. OMG Love this post Georgina!!! I can't wait to hit Primark when I come home - I used to love shopping there when I was at uni but haven't visited for quite a while now. I don't know how I survived before portable charges and your ear phones are very cute! xx

    1. Looks like you're having a great time out there so no rush to come home haha X

  3. I have about four portable chargers lying around my house...the problem is, I always forget to charge them! Really impressed at Primark's range!


    1. haha I used to have that problem! I always charge them at work now :)

  4. Oh my, I need that action camera and those headphones look gorge! xx


  5. Great work dude


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