Italian Gourmet Ready Meals By Delita

Last month, I popped down to a very fancy house in Notting hill for a night in with Delita.

Technically pre-made and microwavable, Delita don't quite resonate with the term 'ready meal' because they are more than just that. 

It's a premium product; a ready meal like no other.

Having struggled to find any authentic and ready to go Italian food, Ava and Daniel - the co-founders, decided to do it themselves and they've done a great job.

The result? Restaurant standard food; ready to eat in minutes. 

Each dish is created with high quality ingredients and comes in a vacuum sealed glass jar which removes the need for preservatives. The packaging also details how to plate up with style so you can really make a statement when you serve it.

Over the course of the evening, we ate a lot and had I not been sat at the island, watching Daniel make the food; I wouldn't have believed it came out of a microwave. It was rather fancy. 

Georgia loved the tagliatelle; and I can agree - for a veggie dish, the pasta had an awesome, almost meaty bite but my favourite was the octopus. Served with roasted cherry tomatoes in saffron potato cream, it wasn't chewy at all. I just love how boujie it is to be eating octopus at home.

What a lovely event, really. I brought Georgia along and it just felt like we'd been invited to a dinner party with friends. Good company, amazing venue and delicious, high quality food!


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