5 unique places to drink cocktails in Mykonos

Cocktails are an important part of any proper holiday - they are for me at least.

I started writing this post laid up by the pool with two frozen cocktails next to me (not quite sure how that happened - my boyfriend has a habit of over ordering) and although pre-lunch drinking isn't a normal occurrence for me, late afternoon and evening holiday cocktails are.

Mykonos is extremely expensive and getting anything apart from beer or wine, sub €15 seems to be a rarity. Don't worry, I did find some - getting through as many cocktails as we did we were sure to find a couple - and whilst I have mentioned them, this list is more about getting the best experience for your money.

180 Degrees Bar

Best for: Sunset views

Having tried multiple times to book a table beforehand; we just turned up a couple of minutes before the sunset started and honestly, it was carnage but we got in in the end. It was just the two of us and I was determined to find a seat - so I did but if there's a big group of you, I would suggest getting something booked before you arrive because it was no easy feat!

There was a €20 entree fee but this included a free drink so when you factor in that we were spending €15 for cocktails everywhere else, the entree fee was hardly nothing. 

Be warned, it was very busy and also a little bit pretentious but I wouldn't let that put you off, the sunset views are worth it.

Yialo Yialo

Best for: Romantic evenings

The restaurants that line Platis Gialos beach vary quite a bit but this one was the busiest so we took a chance and it paid off; plus I liked the candle lit tables on the beach here, all very romantic.

We initially stopped for dessert (which was very good) and were shocked to see the cheapest cocktails we'd come across - €13 each!

A lot of places in Mykonos serve their own unique cocktails; ones they had created had themselves which more often than not, were not very good but this menu was full of classics so we went straight ahead and ordered a pina colada and a frozen daiquiri. 


Best for: Beach club vibes

I'm not usually one to sit at the beach all day but Mykonos is full of beach clubs so we wanted to experience it.

I decided on SantAnna on Paraga beach and I was more than happy with my choice. Some of the prices at the other places were completely outrageous but SantAnna gave us what we wanted for a slightly more reasonable price. We booked a little beach cabana for €80 each, half of which was redeemable against food and drinks and the vibe was super relaxed and laid back.

I spent the whole trip drinking caprioskas and the ones at SantAnna were some of my favourite - each enjoyed in a different part of the club. We spent the day by the beach, had lunch under the huge bamboo pergola and finished the late afternoon drinking by the pool.


Best for: Old town experience

Having made it out of the maze of streets in the old town center, we stumbled across a little cluster of bars hidden around the back. They were right on the water with the windmills in the distance, it was an awesome place to sit - as long as you didn't mind the occasional splash from a big wave. 

There was a different vibe from the main part of the old town; more relaxed, kind of less bothered about what was going on around them - having spoken to a waitress later that day, we realised its because that's where to locals go.

I was impressed with the cocktail menu and the high quality of these drinks compared to some of the places we went to.

Beef Bar

Best for: Beachside luxury

The Beef Bar is located in the Bill&Coo hotel and was a bit of a hidden gem in my opinion. Our hotel recommended it so we hopped on the quad bike and went for a late afternoon drive. 

It looked over the hotel's small private beach and out to the sea meaning there were hardly any people around. The view was flawless plus it was just calm and very relaxing.

The whole place felt very exclusive but the price of the drinks obviously factored that in, because my cocktail was €24. That being said, it was also the best cocktail I had whilst in Mykonos and the location was pretty perfect.

Which one will you visit first?


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