Coppa Club's new Putney Location

Having dinner in an igloo is a new idea that seems to have made itself quite at home in London, I mean it's definitely cold enough.

Not only are they very instagrammable - they are - but these cosy little domes are great because they provide a private space away from other diners and they allow you to enjoy eating outside without freezing the death in the temperatures of the British winter. With the Thames running through the city, there is more than enough reason to want to enjoy a riverside meal outside, it's very pretty in the winter.

Whilst these plastic structures are popping up in all of London's scenic spots it doesn't seen to be any easier to get a booking. Luckily for me, I was in the right place at the right time and managed to secure an igloo at Coppa clubs new location in Putney, on their opening night.

There are three igloos in Putney each of which seat up to 8; they really are set up for a cosy winters evening.

Inside, they're adorned with foliage, paper lanterns, and blankets on each seat. And outside; the riverside view which was really beautiful with the bridge lit up against the dark nights sky.

The menu at Coppa club wasnt a specific cuisine, it pretty much has something for everyone with options from pizzas and pasta, through to steaks, chicken, fish and the odd exotic dish - which is what I ordered!

Booking an igloo also gives you access to the 'igloo menu' which David took full advantage of. He ordered the truffle wagyu burger whilst I enjoyed the Thai green prawns. Both very good in terms of both taste and quality.

The igloos were great but very intimate and romantic with just the two of us so we decided to take dessert inside to soak up some atmosphere. 

The main resturant was very busy. I think it was fully booked so we found a cosy booth in the bar area and got stuck in to some sweet treats there.

Mixed in among starters, desserts and cocktails, it was surprisingly one of the cheapest meals we've had out in a very long time.

Good job, Coppa club. We will definitely be back.

Shout out to Charlie who was an awesome waiter and made our evening with free champagne and great service. He is a font of coppa club knowledge.


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