Best travel clothes for long flights

A few months ago, I returned home from my first big trip of the year - Vietnam. I had the most amazing time and have lots of posts to come telling you guys about the things that I got up to whilst I was there but first I wanted to talk about the flights. It was a 12 hour flight to Ho Chi Mihn City and as usual I was all about the comfort when it came to my outfit - I honestly cant understand people who wear uncomfortable clothes to the airport, it can be a stressful enough experience as it is without being uncomfortable through your own choice!

This time I went for a playsuit which I picked up in Primark and I was really happy with my choice. I usually go for a big slouchy dress because having my legs out makes it much easier to put on and remove my flight socks (my flying fashion must have) but I curl up in all sorts of weird positions and always end up with my underwear on show so a playsuit was a great alternative. It’s oversized (so I didnt actually have to take it off to go to the toilet, TMI?) and made of a stretchy t-shirt material so it was super comfortable to both sleep and more importantly, to dance in. Yep, I dance like crazy; (in the privacy of the toilets) I just feels like it gets the blood flowing better.
primark jumpsuit
I always wear trainers when I travel. For the flying part, it doesn't actually matter because as soon as I get on, my shoes come off (I flew home in premium so they were swiftly replaced with a pair of slippers) but it's the before and after that I am thinking about - as with all of these points, practicality is key. Also, for this trip, I was only taking a carry on case so I had to pick shoes carefully. I ended up taking three pairs, my air max (£55 from Zalando - gotta love Lovethesales* for a bargain) my old converse and a pair of cheap flip flops from Primark, so whilst either pair of trainers would have been fine for the flight – my converse were smaller so I’ve packed them. Turns out I didn't need two pair of trainers; they stayed there until I got home.
primark jumpsuit
Our flight left the UK at 7.10am and arrived in Vietnam at 5am the next morning so along with the air con in the flight, I had quite a few temperature to be prepared for. Of course the best way to prepare for that is to take easy to add or remove layers. I never usually feel cold on a flight plus there is always a blanket if needed so rather than wearing a jacket that I would have to take with me and not wear for the rest of my trip (37 degrees guys) I just pulled the warmest things that I was already planning to take with me (a kaftan and a pashmina) and stuffed them both into my backpack. Needless to say, neither of them got used.
I never fly in my contact lenses because I like to sleep on a long haul flight if I can. Also the air just dries my eyes out so I like to make it as easy as possible and just wear my glasses. My new Scout East glasses* came from Glasses Direct and although I wasn’t sure about the big lenses when I picked them, with the home trial offer, I was able to try them before I decided. Turns out I love how big the lenses are. If I know its going to be sunny when I arrive, I will usually pack a pair of contact lenses in my carry on and just put them in before we land.
So that was what I wore for my trip out there and I was very pleased with my choice. I definitely didn't look so polished for my trip back on the other hand; I had run out of clothes by then but I had to be comfortable because it was super important that I slept this time - being as dedicated to the cause as I am, I got off of the plane and went straight to the office to save on precious annual leave. I threw on a crop top and some elephant shorts for the flight - I was super comfortable although I woke up a couple of times with my bra on show where my top had moved.

What is your go to flight outfit? 


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