Check Your Pet For Parasites

So I know this post isn't as relevant to my blog as it was last year (when I was much more lifestyle) but my babesiosis posts got so much traffic that I figured people must be finding them useful.

Molly turns 5 this year and I honestly can’t tell you how much she has changed our life. She cheers everyone up and brings us all together; and she’s always there at the door to greet me, whether I've just popped to the shops or I'm just arriving home from the airport in the middle of the night. She is a huge part of our life, and so a pet should be!

Although I love her like mad, with my anxiety I really worry about her. Did I shut the front door properly? She hasn't been to the toilet yet! Why has she been sleeping so much today?! All sorts of crazy things run through my head when it comes to her, I can imagine this is what having a child is like.
Check pet parasites
Check pet parasite
Whilst I sit and pick twigs and leaves out of her fur after a walk, one thing that I don't often think about is what parasites she could be picking up on her walks.

A survey of over 1000 dog owners nationwide carried out by  Pet Parasite Action  has found that while 85% of us happily hug our dogs (we don't leave her alone more like), most dog owners are unaware of which parasites present the greatest danger to their pet or their family.

So please just take this as a little reminder from me: Remember to get your pet checked over by a vet every once in a while and ask them about a simple way to help protect your pet against parasites inside and out.
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