A Fever Event: Magical Movie Soundtracks By Candlelight

Fever events seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment and whilst I don't take all that much notice of my Facebook feed most of the time, this one grabbed me instantly. 

Candlelight Special Edition: Magical Movie Soundtracks at Syon Park

It was the perfect summers evening so whilst the candlelit part of the night didn't happen and candles didn't particularly add to the ambiance as planned, they did add to the aesthetic, it was a beautiful set up in an already breath-taking venue. Magical, even before the music had started. I was honestly blown away, The Great Conservatory at Syon Park must be one of the prettiest venues in London.

We had Zone A seating which were front row seats with premium visibility and with (or maybe without, who knows)  restrictions, everyone was very well spaced around The City String Quartet who were playing for us in the middle.

They started with some Disney classics which of course was why I was there, The Lion King songs were my particular highlight but I also very much enjoyed the classics from The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. Then there were a few from Harry Potter and Star Wars before they finished with a couple of Shrek favourites.

I was sad they didn't play the Moana songs which were mentioned on the website but it didn't impact on my night all that much. Another thing, had I been a little more prepared like everyone else, I would have brought a bottle of prosecco and a couple of glasses since there wasn't a bar at the venue but again, it wasn't a huge problem.

At just an hour long, it left me feeling very satisfied and wanting more all at the same time, although we were both very pleased that the 8pm end time meant we had time to head out for dinner after which was an unexpected surprise!

As described, it was absolutely magical and something completely different, for me at least. A very memorable evening.


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