August at Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies are a chain of awesome London based ramen bars with their newest branch opening recently in Putney. It just popped up on the high street one day and having never tried it before then, I have been three times in the past two weeks so you could say I'm rather a new fan. I took Georgia last week since she loves Asian food as much as I do. 

First things first, we ordered some drinks. I've mentioned my love for both frozen cocktails and yuzu on here before so it was a bit of a no brainer for me. Yuzu and lime? What a combination! This was one tasty frozen margarita.

We saw another table with a plate of wings and instantly decided we needed some of those. The Korean chicken wings were smothered in tangy sauce and sesame seeds. They were deep fried so not only were they delicious but they also had a very satisfying crunch. 

And then the ramen! Throughout August, they're running a £2 deal for unlimited toppings and our ramens were hardly recognisable after we were done with all the extras. Georgia filled hers with as many veggies as she could whilst I was very excited with my mushrooms and an eggs. There's just something special about a ramen egg yolk.

Whilst Georgia had a normal ramen dish – their Tantanmen 2 with chicken mince, which she was raving about – something about how it became part of the broth, I actually ordered a brotherless ramen, another of their August deals.

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot as usually, the broth is where the flavour is at but I was impressed, they managed to serve a delicious dish, without it. That being said, a bowl of ramen without the broth is actually just a noodle dish, but nevertheless, very good. I especially liked the confit duck which was crumbled into the dish and the torched sweetcorn.

We were in a bit of a rush to get to Le Fez down the road for its re-launch that evening so we took dessert to go and I'm very glad we did. I think malted soft serve is my favourite new discovery. A much nicer flavour than the usual, plus I very much enjoyed the sprinkles as well.

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