Seabird at The Hoxton Hotel

Seabird. Another restaurant ticked off my list and I think this one might have been the best one yet. 

I thought we were going to go for a light lunch but once we saw the menu, it turned into a lavish three courses mid day feast - something that seems to happen quite often when I go out with my mum.

The menu was quite vague although with the help of our waiter, what we ordered was perfect.

One specific dish that I was particularly excited about trying and that was the Octopus Roll. I thought maybe it was the shock factor of an curling tentacle hanging out the side of a bun that was the reason why there were photos of it plastered all over Instagram but no, actually it was utterly delicious.

The octopus itself was so meaty; a very satisfying bite. Along with a slight crunch from the char and obviously, no one has ever complained about a brioche bun - this dish was pretty spectacular both in terms of taste and aesthetics. 

We also wanted the calamari but they didn't have any which was odd for such an early booking, however it meant we tried the prawn croquetas instead which were recommended as a replacement and mum loved those. They were a little gooey on the inside for me.

As paella lovers, there was no discussion over what main we'd have. The seafood rice, which was more than enough to share between two was not quite a paella but definitely not far off, a little juicer I would say but that was where all the flavour was. Topped with two king prawns, we were in our element with this one.

Before dessert arrived, we took a moment to really take in our surroundings. It was empty when we arrived; peaceful and really quite lovely although the atmosphere and chatter started to build as it quickly filled up.

On a rainy day in London, we were very lucky with our seats. I had accepted that outside wasn't going to be an option but surprisingly, the inside is just as wonderful as the terrace. With wicker chairs, fish scale tiled tables and lots of greenery, it's so full of light you'd be forgiven for forgetting you were in London at all. We were sat next to the floor to ceiling windows with the terrace on one side and an uninterrupted view of the shard on the other.

Yes, I did switch outfits half way through (my jeans were uncomfortable and I had the option as my mum had brought some things to give me from home.) I loved how the jacket looked - it was the first time I'd worn a blazer and I think it really added to my simple outfit. The Mattie Blazer is from Ikrush - as is the Farah dress which I'm wearing in the other photo. It comes with a pretty little cross body bag in the same print which I fell in love with. 

Ikrush have kindly given me a discount code : GEORGINAG10 for 10% off site-wide including sale items.

and now for dessert.

I wasn't fussed about ordering dessert as nothing jumped off the menu but we were recommended the Torrija.

A (another) brioche bun soaked in a sort of milk and custard mixture served with a biscuit crumb and salted caramel ice cream. Sweet in taste and interesting in texture and absolutely delicious, this dessert was alot of fun and I would call it as one of the best desserts in London at the moment.

I haven't stopped thinking about the food since our visit which surely is a good sign. I will be back, to re indulge in my favourites and discover some of the other dishes as soon as I have the opportunity.

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