Christsmas Tee

I know my spelling isn't always perfect but the title is meant to say christmas tee and not christmas tree. hahah

Moving on. I've never owned a chirstmas jumper before, sad I know. I would like one but somtimes they just look so itchy and uncomfotable and I'm not sure I'd wear it outside the house in which case it might just be a waste of money. What I do like about them is the cute designs they embodie. very festive with cute little aminals, snowflakes and snowmen, holly leaves and that zig zaggy diamond pattern.

So this t-shirt fixes my problem! I can still wear a cute chirstmas design but I'm not itchy and I would be happy to leave the house in it - I can actually see myself wearing this alot over chirstmas, and it comes in pretty pastel colours - pink, purple, violet. I love that its a step away from the traditional colours but still obviously very festive! Jolly Good i say!

T-shirt* - Jolly Clothing
Jeans* - Fashion Union
Wedge Creepers* - Mr-Shoes

Just adding these to the blog sale if anyone is interested!! Size 5 worn once


  1. lovely :)
    check out my latest post :)

  2. how can you be even when you're...dressed? ;)
    i care for you, gorgeous!

  3. Great post, photos and blog i totally like pls come thro and follow back like you promised u will on my fashion blog

  4. Really love that tee. Seriously cute. I want one!! lol x

  5. I think the festive tshirt is such a cute take on the seasonal trend, pretty colour too!

  6. love the christmasy

  7. i have an ugly sweater t too! love it!


  8. Itchy material is never comfortable to wear! The t-shirt looks great on you! :D

  9. hey darling ! <3 amazing blog hun :) what do you think of following each other on GFC ? let me know

    Much of love,


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