Motel Rocks Takeover Part 2

I've always been a huge fan of crops but now that its winter, I have to find a new way of working them, basically I need long sleeve ones, which I didnt have until last week! This sample sale had everything! I picked up a couple of really pretty ones. I really love this outfit! Its very much my kinda thing at the moment
Velvet Pants - Motel Rocks
Glitter Wedges  - Primark

I don't think Andrew thought it was worth telling me about the tissue when he took these photos.

Now, becuase it's so cold I need somthing to keep my stomach warm when I wear a crop - I've started with these high waisted velvet disco pants, which I bought from the Motel Rocks website. They are super tight and velvet, everything I could want from a pair or trousers. Im starting to obcess with the disco pant shape tho and have come across a store called Daisy Street - have a great range of colours so Id love to get some from them! Just cant decide what colour they are all so pretty.

What Colour do you Think?


  1. Very nice pants! I love the wedges as well :)


  2. I love your whole outfit! I have a pair of black and a pair of navy disco pants but I've had my eyes on those green ones from daisystreet for a while, they're a gorgeous colour :) xx

    Ps. I'm having a xmas giveaway on my blog and would love for you to enter :)

  3. those wedges are amazing !


  4. oh i love this long sleeve crop on you! the best thing you have done as of late is obviously go to the motel sample sale im jealous of everything!
    i really want those velvet disco pants! and i agree with you about the high waisted and crop mix- i only ever wear crops with high waisted clothes but its defo got more use out of my crops now its got colder pairing them with more of my high waisted 'winter' looks
    thanks for the kind comment on my blog

    1. yes! it really was great for my style! Im not normally a high waisted fan but its all ive got to cover my stomach if i want to keep up my crop top addiction :)

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  6. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
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  7. Loving the outfit and the disco pants are a great idea. I want a pair myself I know American Apparel also sells them. The colours I would choose would be between black and green.

  8. This outfit is so cute. I love the crop top.

    Btw I think the wine coloured Disco pants would suit you best. Plus, I'm in love with the burgundy and wine colours atm.

  9. Beautiful style !! Your shoes are amazing :)

  10. WOW awesome outfit ! this style is perfect :)

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