Motel Rocks Sample Sale

Living in London has its perks (I think the only downside is the weather) It meant I was able to travel to the Motel Rock showroom and help out at the sample sale. I was very excited to help out -
I've been to the sale a few times before, thats where I got my denim stripe skirt, which was never released on the site, which I love!

 This was my first time working there and it was really a great experience! Especially making some friends and getting loads of clothes in the process. At the end of my two days there I got to choose some stuff for myself (Amazing, i know!) It was so much fun! I had a whole showroom of my favourite clothes at super cheap prices and the girls were there to help me pick out the best bits while I modelled it for them! I had such a great time!
If your around for the next one it is deffinalty worth visiting, the prices were so low! 2 dresses for £20, 3 sepererates for £15 and there was even some new season stock there if you was fast enough! Hopefully I'll be working there again too!

Heres what I wore to work!
2. Jumper - H&M // Boots* - Spylovebuy

I didn't get many photos on the day but as i said - I have two huge bags of clothes to blog about. I'm gonna do them one post at a time so that can be shown in their full glory,so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks.

Here's a few photos and a sneaky peak at what I got!


  1. Wow, loads! Cant wait to hear more x

  2. Sounds amazing, how have you got all of these clothes? Lucky!

  3. love the post x
    you remind me of Kristen Stewart and Scarlett Johansson *its a compliment*

  4. Hey I def remember seeing you at the sale. I love your outfits they were amazing. How were you so lucky to have worked the sale?

    1. really! hah cool what did you get? Thankyou ! and i wasn contacted and asked if i wanted tooo

    2. Thats really cool hope I can get contacted one day lol

  5. I love your outfits, sound amazing x

  6. Love your outfits,so many great clothes there! :)

    Following you via GFC,hope you can check out my blog,xo

  7. Looks like paradise! Didn't know there is a showroom in London :)

  8. Ohh I'd love to try out the velvet trousers! Times like these I wish I lived in london

    Robyn Mayday

  9. Great post and awesome pictures!!!

    Happy Monday, my dear!


  10. Love your blog :) Very lovely fashion style..



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