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Wow it's been so long since I've posted, sorry guys, I have been busy. Let me think, I had college Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then I went clubbing in central London on Wednesday night. Yesterday I went to shoreditch to meet with the lovley Kuben from Electric Tee's - Ive got a lovley new crop top from the brand to show you and hopfully some exciting things to come in the future! And well today, it's snowing! Like really snowing, I'm too cold to go and do an outfit post and all the ones I have already photographed are on my laptop at home, that's fine except I'm at Andrew's house today, so much warmer here than it is at my house so I'm going to be spending the day here!

 What I can show you today is my new Missguided wishlist, they have some really great products online at the moment, scrap that, they always have a load of stuff that I love. This week there seems to be a theme running though it, theres alot of denim and alot of jumpers and alot of metallic. 

Ive never really been a fan of denim skirts but this one is soo cute. This year it looks like were getting rid of just simple denim shorts and getting some new styles, shapes and ideas like these. These sporty ones look really comfy and the cheeky hand prints on the back of another pair! Very Nice.

Jumpers are a winter staple for me, when it gets to that point that I can no longer stand the cold with just a crop top, the next best thing for me is a sweater style jumper, and the four that I've chosen here all have somthing fun about them - bright colours and intersting materials are features that I love.

Whats on your wishlist?


  1. Gorgeous items dear <3
    I'm your 319 follower if you like my blog too I'm waiting for you :)

    Carolina + JOIN MY GIVEAWAY you can win a fab dress!

    1. yey thankyou! ill check your blog out now :D xx

  2. love the purple sweater and skirt! Great wishlist. By now, an Iphone 4S is on my wishlist :)

  3. I love missguided-I have looked on there site for quite a while and made my first purchase the other week, I must say I was impressed :)


  4. Missguided! ahh one of my online high street loves!
    UK High Street Fashion & Style


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