Ok guys whatever, don't hate, call me vain if you want, but I love my new dress so much I couldn't wait for Andrew to come home from work, I wanted to show everyone! It was waiting for me when I got home from college (along with another super amazing package which you will see during the week) and I love it! It's just a simple wine coloured midi dress, from ASOS but it fits me soo nicely. I think I might have to order it in every colour.

 Here are a couple of phone shots, but dont worry I will definately be doing alot outfit posts as soon as I can get some time with Andrew to photograph it. 

I'm sure I'll be wearing it as much as I possibley can.


  1. I love your figure, so feminine! x

  2. Be as vain as you want about the dress hun...because it is Awesome!

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL, Georgina. That dress is AMAZING.


  4. Wow the dress fits you like a glove! Love the color!

  5. The dress is so gorgeous on you!!

    Carmen Ri.

  6. this dress fits you perfeclty! Looks incredible :)

  7. really lovely slinky dress and there is no problem being vain once in a while! we should all feel good about ourselves! and you definitely should cos this dress looks stunning on you!
    xx rae

  8. I have this dress aswell! I have it in this colour and black- I adore it! It looks fabulous on you. I love wearing mine aswell it emphasises all your curves in the right places for a great price tag to match! Following x x


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