LIFESTYLE: 5 Things in July

I have been loving all these 5 happy things type post I have been seeing around lately so I thought I'd give it ago. I dont want to overload you with stuff so I am thinking it's just going to be a monthly post of all the photos that go on Facebook of more personal, not totally bloggy things. So today marks my first one and hopefully I can keep it going! 
In case you hadn't already noticed, I went on holiday in July - You can check out my posts here, here, here and here. We had the best time and I am hoping we get a chance to go back for a few days even if its next summer. We will definitely be staying at ME Mallorca again -it was incredible.
 Sheesh is our favorite restaurant and although its super popular and not the cheapest, we would usually go at least once every two weeks. The building itself is amazing and the food is better as well as the great service we get every single time! Since summer started, we have been super busy to when we finally had a free Saturday night last week we made a beeline back!
The 25th marked our first friends wedding plus Andrew was the best man! I have a whole post to come on that so you'll hear more about it there!

I was lucky enough to win tickets to Lovebox so on the Friday after work, Andrew and I popped down for a little bit before going out for dinner! We arent massive festival goers but it was 20 minutes from his so we thought why not?!
The 29th was Molly's birthday - She was 3. As always we got her a card and lots of presents to open - she gets super excited with all of her new toys! There are only 3 in the photo but we got her so many new toys she didnt know what to play with first!

I'd love to know what you think of this sort of post!


  1. Ugh you have me longing for cocktails and a holiday haha, I don't think I ever get into a bikini round here! Awesome to get to go to Lovebox too xxx

  2. This post is super cute - it's lovely to see such positive stuff! One of my rabbits has a "birthday" next month and I'm definitely going to get him some little pressies.


  3. You wear the prettiest dresses! xx


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