LIFESTYLE: Evolution Of Ice Cream

Its no secret that I love my ice cream. I will eat it as a snack during the day and happily, a bowl of ice cream over dessert at a resturant, Andrew and I even buy tickets for the Ben and Jerrys festival most years (its amazing.)

In fact, until last week I ate the most ice cream out of everyone I know. (unless Andrew is having a bad day, he can get through a whole tub in one sitting) So what happened last week? The new girl started at work. This week, she has made friends with the guys at the Odeon across the road and has come back every day with a sundae topped mini oroes and sat eating the whole thing before lunch. Now I can eat ice cream, but I'm not sure I could handle that.

Ben and Jerrys is a current firm favourite although ice cream started much simpler. We have an ice cream van man living down our road so there is always an opportunity for a classic 99 with a flake which will always be my first choice when it comes to an ice cream van.

Whats Your Favourite?

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