LIFESTYLE: Kitchen Wishlist

Since I've started work, I have come in to contact with alot of people my age, who no longer live at home with their parents. I feel like the little kid around them while they are talking about bills and getting their heating fixed and I'm not even making me bed in the morning. 

I am in no rush to move out although I am looking forward to being able to decorate a house how I want it to look. I always come across things in shops and think "I'd love something like that when I have my own house" so today is a bit of an imaginary homewear wishlist! It started out as a homeware wishlist but ended up being totally kitchen focused! When it comes to the house itself aka the walls, I want white everything. White walls are a must to keep everything feeling fresh, light and airy.
I would love to get pretty white appliances for the kitchen too, you know, white toasters, white microwaves and a big white fruit bowl. And what am I going to do with all that fruit you ask? I would also have a nutribullet to make lots of yummy smoothies - duh.

Pretty jars to keep whatever I fancy in them. Maybe colourful, individually wrapped sweets or nuts or something like that. I also love this pineapple shaped jar to put boring looking things like tea bags in.

Taking of tea - I love this simple G mug and of course an A one for Andrew too!

Whats On Your Kitchen Wishlist?


  1. I wish I had waited to move out instead of leaving as soon as I hit 18, in hind sight there is so much to save for like..laminate floors and white walls and accessories haha xx

  2. I'm so excited to decorate my own house! I especially love the pineapple jar, so cute! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  3. Homeware is always my weakness! I'm starting to look at little bits like these for Uni in September.. Love the mugs!xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  4. I love the pineapple jar, it's adorable! I've been living on my own for 3/4 years now and my house still isn't exactly how I want it, boo! I've got a homeware wishlist as long as my arm haha!
    The initial mugs are a must too!
    Love, Maisie ♡

  5. Love posts like these! Especially love the pineapple jar. I've just bought a small pineapple candle which looks the same from h&m and I love it!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x


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