LIFESTYLE: Brits Behaving Badly

I do love an infographic or two, with the right topic, I actually find the numbers and statistics pretty interesting and when its laid out in a cute cartoon - even better!!

This one about being naughty and getting into trouble abroad was sent to me by My Voucher Codes and with it being holiday season I thought it would be a good one to share!

This year, now that I have my own money and all, I have gone a bit holiday crazy - I am constantly thinking about where I want to go next and how I can plan it that I have enough days off to do it all. Disneyland Paris is always on my mind plus I would loooove to go back to ME Mallorca for another mini break. 

Talking of Mallorca, The hotel was actually in Magaluf which is mentioned right at the top of this infographic - A place definitely known for brits being naughty abroad although I found it super interesting that when you average it out properly, Spain comes very low on the scale! 

See! I told you these things were interesting!!

 An infographic by the team at Where Brits get into trouble abroad

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