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So I already wrote this post once, I spend the whole month adding to it like I usually do with monthly roundup posts but for some reason when I went to post it a couple of days ago, it had disappeared. What a pain. Anyway I'm going to re-write it because and I just hope this makes sense and sounds an enthusiastic this time around haha.

Work Christmas Party
I always envied people who had a work Christmas party to go to and this year, I finally had my own! It started just after lunch when the guys from The Metro turned up in reception with their prosecco cooler.
After that, we all got ready in the office toilets and cracked open a bottle of apple sourz that we found on one of the desks. After a quick pit stop at the pub - we jumped in a cab just down the road to the venue which was huge might I add! Free drinks, friends and a photobooth - what else could I have asked for?!

London Lights With Farfetch
I love being a tourist in my own city. I love driving through London and I love Christmas so when I got an invite to join the Farfetch girls and four other bloggers on night time tour of the London Christmas lights, you can imagine I was pretty excited. We all met after work and bundled onto a vintage, open top route master. It was pretty drizzly but that didn't stop us from all rushing up to the top to sit at the front -  it wouldn't be London without a bit of rain. Over two and a half hours we toured the city and saw all of the pretty lights, it definitely got me even more excited for Christmas!

And if the tour on it's own wasn't a big enough treat, they let us choose a gift for each other as a Farfetch Secret Santa ! I left with a pretty new dusty pink Michael Kors travel wallet!

Costa Fresco
Costa have launched their new Fresco store on Tottenham Court Road and invited me down to see what it is all about! Luckily for me, this one used to be my local Costa (before a new one opened across the road from work a couple of months ago) so it was super easy for me to pop in before work.
Of course the drinks are the same, the hot chocolate (and coffee) are just as amazing but this store has a whole range of tasty food to enjoy as well! There was all sorts from mini quiches and hot sandwiches, little pots of olives and chorize to muffins, croissants, cakes, fruit pots and much more! I tried one savory cheese and sun dried tomato muffins and it was delicious - seriously, I am pleased its so close so I can go back and get some more!

Very kindly, they sent me on my way with a selection of treats to take back to the office which of course were all snapped up as soon as I'd walked through the door!

Christmas Jumpers

If you know me well (or just follow me on twitter), you will know that I love Christmas Jumper season and I spent most of December wearing one! My newest addition is this one from the mens section of F&F - how cute are the little gingerbread men!
I wore it to work for Christmas Jumper Day with a pair of black skinnies and my pretty new, leopard print flats from Jones Bootmakers - they go perfectly with the colour of the gingerbread men!All of the best Christmas jumpers come from supermarket clothing lines! My other two are from George at ASDA! Cute!

Bob Bob Ricard
This is somewhere that Andrew and I have wanted to visit for a while so we decided to celebrate my last day at work (Andrew finished ages before me) by going for dinner! Of course the first thing I did when we sat down was push the button, I couldnt resist - and Andrew wasnt going to turn down a glass of champagne haha. That button got quite alot of use whilst we were there!
The place was so lovely and decorated with the prettiest blue and silver christmas decorations! Each course was delisious but of course dessert is always my favourite and the desserts here were a bit crazy.
It was very expensive, but something we wanted to do and can now tick off of our list! It was such a lovely night and a really perfect way to start the holidays!

How Was Your December?

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