LIFESTYLE: Christmas At The Milestone Hotel

Remember that I was telling you about the surprise that Andrew was planning for me? Well, last month, I finally found out what he had planned for us and it was pretty amazing! He booked us a night at a super old and very christmassy hotel, plus a few little extra surprises for me too! My dad was on his way into London on the day so he was able to drop us off outside right our hotel in Knightsbridge.
As we checked in and dropped off our stuff, I was handed a gold envelope which I opened once we got to our room! Apparently, the package that Andrew has booked included a Harrods voucher at check in so you know what happened next - within minutes, we were in an Uber and dropped off outside the store ready to get some Christmas shopping on! I knew exactly what I wanted and was on the verge of buying it for myself anyway so this was a super amazing surprise! As well as my new purse, we also stopped off in the food hall to pick up some Charbonnel truffles.
Soon enough we were back in the hotel drinking champagne in their amazing black and white conservatory.
My next surprise? A champagne afternoon tea! So as soon as we were finished with that glass, we were off to another cute little room. I headed straight for the table with the big armchairs, it just feels more luxury doesn't it?! Am I the only one who starts with a few sandwiches, then has a cake, a scone and finishes up with more sandwiches haha we had to order a second plate, they were so delicious!
Afterwards we were totally food coma'd and good for nothing for the rest of the day! So we got into bed, watched Toy Story which happened to be on and fell asleep haha. We did get up for a little while just to have a drink and a snack at the bar before getting back into bed for the Xfactor final!
After a posh cooked breakfast, the next morning was spend eating champagne truffles in the big white bed and watching Jeremy Kyle, I think that one is a bit of a hotel tradition for us haha. It was a pretty amazing weekend!


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