LIFESTLYE: Phone Case Wishlist

When it comes to phone cases I am still a child most of the time! I am always after something fun and cute to make a boring everyday thing a little bit more exciting!

I have a really awkward Samsung S5 which makes finding these sorts of cases really hard. But recently, I have come across a few super cute cases so I thought I'd put together a little wishlist to show you guys what I have spotted.
Good old ebay eh? As you can imagine, this is always my first point of call when it comes to cases and numbers 1 & 5 are both from here. I love the smooth metallic cases I have been seeing on iphones everywhere at the moment so I was very pleased to see that I could get a Samsung version on ebay for a grand total of £1.99. Incredible price, plus it comes in rose gold!

Number 5, as I said, was also ebay and a little bit pricier at £3.99 but look at the duckies they are so cute and I can imagine this particular case being pretty entertaining!

I love anything with a smiley face on it so this pineapple case from Claires is right up my street. I currently have their strawberry one on my phone which I got for Christmas.

Minnie & Tigger both come from a japanese site called Rakuten. They were kind enough to gift me some credit as part of a valentines day campaign which I have coming up soon so I think I will treat myself to these two! I love that they are different to the usual run of the mill Disney style cases I've come across in the past so I like those two!

There is one sensible choice in this wishlist and that comes in the form of this heavy duty patriot protective case from tech21 which provides all round protection.

And lastly I was very pleased to spot a rare Samsung case on the skinny dip site last week in a super cute design. Not only does it have googly eyes but its also covered in cute little pugs with wings!


  1. the little doggy one is so cute :)

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