LIFESTYLE: Order By Emoji at Aloft Excel #AloftTiGi

So I wrote this a liiiiitle bit tipsy on the train home but who cares - we'll stick with it! This event was my first event of the year and what a fun one it was! I started the evening by getting monumentally lost on the tube, which isn't something I do often but the DLR is just so hard to navigate! Anyway, an hour and a half after, I arrived at the Aloft Excel which is conveniently about a 20 second walk from Prince Regent station (I also managed to get lost during that part - take the right, not the left)

The lovely Aloft Excel team met me inside, whisked me off to our private area, and explained the new concept to me - Oder by emoji or #AloftTiGi (text it, get it) which is something they started this January! I swiftly whipped out my phone and text the number with a line of emojis. Next thing I know, a waiter appeared with a plate of food and my drink. I also got a reply which I wasn't expecting, so as the evening went on I got more and more casual about it, ending the night with a casual 'Can I have a belini please?' haha
After playing around with that for a bit, we all sat down for a session with The Biscuiteers - We were going to ice our own emoji biscuits. I got pretty into this with a stripey dress for my dancing girl and deciding that a normal smiley was too boring, I turned it upside down and made it into a bear, all whilst sending the bar one text after another of course. 
We finished off the night playing around in the photobooth at the bar and of course using our emojis to order one more drink before I jumped back on the DLR and got lost again haha. 
Big thanks to the team who arranged it and made it such a super night for us all! I had a great evening, made some new friends and realised a new skill, I even impressed myself with those stripes!


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