FASHION: My Boots And Me With New Look

Over the knee boots are a trend that I fell in love with last year! Those big chunky boots came out on River Island and ASOS and I was sold - I got mine and I wore them whenever I had the chance to last winter! Then summer came along so they went back in the cupboard but I was very pleased to see that the trend came back with a vengeance this year - more styles, more colours, it just got bigger and better.

I decided that I wanted a flat pair that I could wear the work but after hunting around for weeks, I just couldnt find any I liked so I ended up buying them from Amazon. When they arrived, I loved them, but as I started to wear them more and more I realised they really didnt fit me very well! Of course they were comfortable and I loved that they had a cleated rubber sole but they would slide down my legs like crazy. In the end, I would only wear them with chunky trousers underneath to help keep them up and even resorted to buying bra tape to stick them to my legs. Not a good look when they slid down anyway.

Heres one of my favourite ways that I would wear them, I love the contrast between the black and blues. I wore this for lunch at Sheesh recently! Look how festive it was there over christmas!

Then, by some miracle, I came across another perfect pair* in New Look. They were also black suede look but they had pointed toes and there was structure to the leg, it had paneling so I thought it was worth a shot and ta-dah, they stayed up all by themselves, on my bare legs! Here, I paired them with my new witchy Motel dress from Ark Clothing. I can wear them with whatever I want without worrying they'll fell down.

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