LIFESTYLE: My Christmas And New Year 2015

I'm super sad to say it but I'm back at work and Christmas has come and gone so in this post, I just wanted to share a few photos of what I got up to over Christmas and New Year! On Christmas Day, we opened all of our presents together around the tree before getting ready to go out for lunch with my grandparents. We spent the whole afternoon chatting, laughing and eating, the food was absolutely endless. Afterwards everyone came back to ours for, yes, more food and board games.

Next day I did the same thing all over again at Andrews house with Christmas lunch and more presents. We made the most of the rest of the holidays by eating far too much with fun plans, dinner reservations and different things going on every single day, lots of prosecco and cocktails (Dirty Martinis Dirty Grinch wins by a mile) as well as making sure I ate chocolate for breakfast each and every day! (See my Christmas stash below)

Happy New Year Everyone!

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