CHRISTMAS: Gift Guide For Men

As a girl, I kinda find it hard to buy for guys, I dont know what they want - they wont be super excited to find a huge bar of chocolate or a little wrapped up bath bomb, at the bottom of a gift bag like I do (just me?) so I thought I would be proactive this year and actually take a month or two to start searchng for whats out there for men!

Wash bag and product sets
These sorts of gifts for guys seem really popular! I came across loads of them and found the right one for the each of the guys in my life. This skincare one from Man Cave at Superdrug. You get a brown wash bag which comes filled with a face scrub, face wash, moisturiser and a flannel, its going to be perfect for my youngest brother who is 16 and starting to really care about keeping his skin looking fresh and spot free.
This next one is hair based and is a 3-step Grooming Kit from Label M (£22.45) - featuring the GQ award-winning Scalp Purifying Shampoo, the everyday Grooming Cream and best-selling Deconstructor all presented in a stylish wash bag - perfect for my other brother who is a little bit emo (like I was haha) and has long annoying hair that needs to be in the right place at all times.
What other vanity kits did I find? Well there is this one from Bulldog. This one doesnt come with a bag but it's some of Andrews favourite stuff so a few products to top up his collection is perfect. As you can see, its called The Kennel and it's £12 from Boots.
and the last one I found was the Black Pepper and Ginsing set from Baylis & Harding which again, comes in a wash bag and is my favourite wash bag of the three. Inside are four mini products - a hair and body wash, aftershave balm, shower gel and face wash in the Black Pepper and Ginseng scent which is very musky and manly. This one seems that bit more grown up and classy - perfect for a weekend away!
Moving on to a different sort of bathroom product, I have this trio from Molton Brown which I think is a really lovely gift. The bottles are full sized and come in a smart silver box with a grey ribbon. The collection of three are all very manly scents - I think these will go down very well with the more sophisticated man!
Moving on to shaving gadgets and I have a couple! Firstly is this Gillette kit in collaboration with Spectre from Boots. Remember I was talking about my younger brother before? Well he's starting to need to shave and a kit like this is perfect because it looks great and contains everything he needs to get started (1 x FlexBall Manual Razor, 2 x ProGlide Razor Blades & 1 x ProGlide Shave Gel 75ml).
The next one is an electric razor from Braun Series 3.This is the kind of thing my grandad would love. It has been designed with MicroComb Technology, helping to get the closest shave and leave skin is less irritated. It's a little bit pricey but the perfect, useful gift!
Now we move away from bathroom based gifts on to some other bits and pieces. 

First is a new wallet - Yes! Men use wallets right? I know Andrew does, although he is super fussy and will only use it if it has a coin pocket so this one from Ralph Lauren's holiday shop is pretty perfect really. Its brown, soft leather and it has their logo embossed in the corner and it has a coin pocket.  Perfect.
and to finish off? Alcohol. I have two brothers and almost all of my friends are boys and do you know what boys like? They like alcohol. My brothers are going through their alcopop phase, my dad loves a cheeky beer in the evening and Andrew and his friends will drink anything from spirits to a bottle of rose. So it's really the perfect, fail safe gift.

My family love diet coke so around Christmas, the house is full of the stuff with and extra stash in the garage for backup so Disaronno and Tia Maria are the perfect bottles to leave out in the kitchen incase anyone fancies some in their drinks. Both of the bottles I have here are special edition - I went along to the Tia Maria X Grazia launch party a couple weeks ago and ended up with a bottle from the new collection in a lovely monochrome gift tin and the Disaronno is designed with Roberto Cavalli.

Whisky is one for my dad, so this bottle of Grants is perfect for him! He's not a huge drinker but has a garage full of bottles so whether he drinks this straight away or not, it'll be great for the collection.

When it comes to vodka, I just love Absolut. I love the writing on the frosted bottles and all the crazy flavours you can get it in. For my gift guide, I have a couple bottles of Absolut Peppar which is great for drinks like a Bloody Mary or anything with a bit of a spicy kick.

The wine is new in from Echo Falls and combines in some fruity flavours - I'm sure the boys would love these and as for the Babycham, it's always nice to have something sparkling.
Apart from the alcohol itself I also picked up some bits and pieces from funkin cocktails. Whats a boy to do with all this alcohol? Well in my brothers case, make cocktails - hes just started at uni and loves mixing things up to make something that tastes good and showing off to his friends so some bits and pieces from Funkin are great! They sell all sorts utensils and mixers to make the perfect cocktails.
Lastly - Aftershave! Guys often dont buy this sort of stuff for themselves so they make great christmas gifts! Here I have Hugo Boss and CK Eternity Now which is juicy with nectarine, succulent lychee, peach blossoms, and soft cashmere.
Still struggling which gift ideas? One last thing to think about could be a gift experience?
Recently I have realised that I much prefer an experience over an item and I think Andrew does too!

Have You Done Your Christmas Shopping Yet?


  1. Haha alcohol is always a safe bet! :) it's pretty much all I'm getting for the guys I'm buying for this year! Still need to do my shopping though, eek! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua: Travel, Food, Italy

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