LIFESTYLE: 2016 Goals

Online Goals
I would love to reach 1,000 blog followers in 2016. I'm not too far off and hopefully if I continue to work hard on my blog every day, it can be done! I would also love to continue to work on more fun campaigns with brands that I love!

Travel Goals
I had never really been anywhere too exotic with my family, I think Russia is about as far as we got but after visiting Thailand last year with Andrew, I seriously have the travel bug and would love to do another big holiday in 2016. Top of the list are Hong Kong, Japan and some new parts of Thailand.

Personal Goals
I was saying to Andrew just last week, we did a lot in 2016 - new restaurants, new hotels and new holiday destinations - we both really want to continue to explore and do lots of new, different things whenever we get the chance. We are going to make a point not just go back to the same place again because its easy.
As well as that, I should probably try to make more time to see people who aren't Andrew be it my friends or my family.
Health Goals
I recently realised that I literally do no exercise and I am not happy about it. I have some issues with my back so there are alot of things that I can't do but I did go swimming quite a bit earlier in the year so hopefully thats something I can start doing again in the new year.

I would also like to try harder to start looking after myself a bit more be it simply just using a hair mask or some moistureiser every now and again or going off to a spa for a massage.

What Are Your 2016 Goals?


  1. These are great goals Georgina :D I could take a leaf out of your book too I think! Especially with meals with my boyfriend. We've tried a few more this but a lot of the time we just go back to the same ones, I think we really should try more places next too :)
    Also Japan and Hong Kong and Thailand again all sounds like amazing choices! I've never been to Thailand but it is on my list :D


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