LIFESTYLE: #LightNightIn With Popchips

Popchips wanted me to have a light night in on them - like I was going to turn that down?! They have two new Limited Edition flavours which they asked me to theme my night around. Sea salt, garlic and rosemary and sea salt, caramelised onion and thyme, both are super light and half the fat.

Georgia met me after work and off we went to Tesco to get all of the essentials, you know - Prosecco, cheese - essentials. Me and Georgia have been best friends for ages and when she isn't traveling across the world and we find time to meet up she takes over from Andrew and does everything for me haha so she took charge of the trolley and wouldn't let me carry any of the heavy bags!
First thing we did once we got back was pour ourselves a drink with Georgia nearly smashing a light with the cork in the the opening process, and she calls herself a professional cocktail maker haha. I left her to get stuck in with the gift hamper that Funkin Cocktails sent me the night before whilst emptied everything out on the counter and tried to work out how we were going to manage to cook a three course meal.
 You might have noticed I've been going on about trying a baked Camembert for quite a while now so this was the perfect opportunity to try it flavoured with the Rosemary and Thyme. We had no idea what we were doing so I just stuffed it with herbs and threw it in the oven until it started to bubble.
Once it was ready we all grabbed some baguette and got stuck in.. except Georgia, she went straight in with the spoon haha
There was no way we were finishing it on our own so I called my mum and brothers in to have some. They came in for cheese and ended up staying all night.
 For mains went for rosemary and thyme chicken which Georgia did all by herself and was amazing! I have no idea how she knows what she was doing but good job she made so much because everyone wanted some.
While she was working on that I was getting started on dessert. I wanted something salty to represent the crisps so went with salted caramel chocolate brownies of course, was there any other option?! Someone couldn't resist getting involved in that too..
 and as the room filled with the smell of hot brownies, no one could wait for them to cool. Taking Georgias lead from earlier, we all grabbed a spoon and ate them hot and gooey from the baking tin.
We spent the rest of the night chatting in the kitchen, finishing off all the crisps and playing with Molly while Reece filled us in on his first three months at uni! Such a fun night! Big thanks to Popchips for initiating it!


  1. I was planning on maybe doing something like this for the New Year seen as I can't be bothered to go out on NYE! ...looks like my kinda night x

  2. MMMMM that camembert looks delish.

    Sophie x

  3. This looks like a wonderful night in :) I love cheese and chocolate so your menu is perfect!

  4. The food looks great, makes me want food now!

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  6. Oh my goodness!! That pudding!! Yum!!

  7. Oh my goodness!! That pudding!! Yum!!

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