LIFESTYLE: Dinner At YO! Sushi

I was super excited when YO! Sushi invited me along for a review! I remember my first ever visit when my parents took me for lunch at Bluewater on one of our shopping trips and my love for the place has just grown ever since, I just love watching everything being made freshly in from you me and then grabbing everything I like the look of as it goes around the conveyor belt. It's my favourite place for sushi and I stop off whenever I get a chance!  

For our trip, I thought I'd be nice and meet Andrew on his side of London so we visited the St Paul branch. It was quite when we got there but soon filled up with city workers and packed full.
I was clever enough to accidentally book my review on a Monday which was amazing news because YO Sushi do something called Blue Mondays where most of their dishes come on blue plates costing just £2.70. We grabbed a booth and pulled a few dishes off the conveyor belt whilst we decided on what to order.
Luckily, most of our favourite dishes were included in the Blue Monday deal so we stocked up on sashimi and gyozas among other things.
The Sumo bowls have been available from 10th November and neither of us had ever had one before so we weren't really sure what to expect for £8. There was quite a nice selection dishes with a few each of noodle, rice and curry dishes.
 Andrew picked the chicken katsu curry which he was very impressed with and actually preferred it over Wagas version which is a big statement. The bowl itself was huge and although I am nothing to go by, telling you that Andrew couldn't finish his is quite a big deal. I had the teriyaki beef, which I would definitely get again because that was also delicious, and huge.

 Have You Tried A Sumo Bowl Yet?

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  1. I just love most of Yo Sushi's food xx fresh and healthy x


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