LIFESTYLE: Stationary Wishlist

When it comes to stationary theres a couple of ways to get me - Kate Spade and anything with a face on it. I have spent hours and hours on the gift section of websites these past few weeks looking for presents and have found myself drawn to the stationaery bits more often that I was expecting.
Letter rack
How pretty is this!? My colleagues are obcessed with paperchase and I think it is rubbing off on me.

See - what did I tell you?! These are just too cute and now that I have a job, these two bits from Paperchase are actually useful as well as cute! 
I wasnt sure why I like this so much because the text isnt really my thing but then I realised it looks like my blog. I do love a pink candy stripe 

Theres always a place in my heart for a good pack of felt tips. I grew up with cheap felt tips that never worked so when I get hold of a good pack, I use them for everything and I look after them! 

Pink notebook
And here it is, the first of my Kate Spade picks, I could literally do a whole wishlist of the stuff but I wanted to give it some variety

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen? As a child, I was handed down my aunts crazy eraser collection and these would be the perfect addition. Sushi with faces is so cute
These go perfectly with the notebook. duh

This one just looks like a bit of fun for those boring hours at work. Plus ducks are cute


  1. Oh I am a big stationary almost hoarder I guess HAHA, I love the letter holder I have been looking for one for a while that's just right xxx


  2. I was sooooo close to buying that letter rack the other day! Wanted to use it as a 'charging station' to plug in (and keep tidy) all my appliances at night (i.e iPhone, iPad, laptop, fitbit, batteries etc) x


    Sophie x

  4. Slightly obsessed with stationery! I NEED the hook a fish in my life. Now. Also tried some of the crafts in the competition, rather fun!


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