LIFESTYLE: Doddle Runner App Secret Santa

When the secret santa campaigns start to roll in at this time of year I always get very excited to take part! Todays one was is in collaboration with Doddle - they are little huts at stations, shopping centres and universities that you can send or collect your parcels from at a time that suits you. They have a new runner service exclusive to Londoners by which you take a photo of whatever your sending, post it on the app and a Runner will pick it up from wherever you are and send it on for you.

So what day did I pick to post my package?! I left it until Friday, the day that we decided to spend our lunch break plus the next three hours in the pub. I thought I'd made this really hard for myself but I was so shocked at how easy it was! I ordered my runner to come at 2pm, left my gift with the receptionist and that was the end of that. The runner had come to pick it up and took it off you my secret santa while I was at the pub drinking prosecco.

The next day, I got a package to my house from Doddle. My secret santa didnt stay very secret for very long and luckily for me, she asked me if there was anything in particular that I wanted! I picked out a Kate Spade notebook, some chocolate truffles and a jar of prosecco gummy bears, sadly, no one mentioned to us beforehand that they wouldnt deliver glass so I never got those in the end but my other two products arrived safely!

All in all I think it works great. I got to the post office during lunch most weeks and have to stand in a que of 20+ people every time so this is a really great alternative!
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