LIFESTYLE: DKNY Be Electric Eau de Toilette Collection

By now I'm sure you have all realised that I am quite a fan of the DNKY Be Delicious range all the way from the beginning! I think I've probably had at least one of each fragrance they've release which is more than can be said for me mum - she bought a couple of the the original red and green ones every single year for around 5 years!

I was very excited to hear there are three new ones of the horizon which are launching this month! The Be Electric Range but get it quick becuase its a limited edition range. Of course, again they are the iconic apple bottles but this time all three are crazy, fluorescent colours. Loving Glow which is hot pink, Citrus Pulse which is the orange one and Bright Crush which is the lime green one. These spring releases are inspired by a city that never sleeps and the optimism of exciting new beginnings.
Lets start with the green one because it is my favourite of the three! I think I like it so much because it is a really familiar scent and reminds me of my favoruite summer back when I was 15. I can't work it out for sure but I'm thinking it was my friend who wore something similar. It's funny how a smell can take you right back isn't it. It's super fresh and very light and summery. I'll definitely be wearing this one alot when it starts to get a bit warmer.

The pink has a much older smell and a more classic scent. Its not unpleasant but it's not really my style. I think it must be the vanilla and musk in it that I don't like because the grape and pineapple in the description sound right up my street.

As for the orange one, it is very fruity and also something I would wear during the summer, this one is much more summer holiday though. Again, like the green one, it takes me back to past summers because it smells just like a sex on the beach cocktail which I quite like. It has a fruitieness like the orange juice and a sweetness like the grenadine in the drink. Interesting my first thoughts weren't far off because it contains nectarine, mandarin and passionfruit. Delicious!

DKNY Be Delicious Electric Collection, 50ml RRP £37 


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